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Friday, June 22, 2012

Major Brand Summer Lucky Pack / Special Sets Round Up

The first day of summer was yesterday and judging by the last few days, I think it will be a hot season for sure. Here in NY the temperatures have been in the low 90s and when I went on vacation to Pittsburgh it was just as hot.  So what does summer mean for us, Lolitas? There are meetups to plan,  conventions to attend, and lucky packs to purchase!

There lucky pack events all through the year, usually during major seasons like Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring and Japanese holidays. This post will focus on the recent lucky pack releases for Summer.
Here is a round up post with the lucky packs that I could find, if there are more released I'll do an update post. All prices are in Yen and not listed in this post, you can see the prices and get shipping estimates at the Brands' websites. Some of these are Lucky Packs and others are special sets where you know what item you're receiving.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:

Tartancheck jumper skirt & head bow SET 
*does not include a bag, jewelry, and socks*

 *Plus Size friendly

Notes: I prefer the blue in this set, if you are not a fan of tartans than this obviously won't suit your tastes. I'm not a fan of it entirely but the blue is a cooler shade than other JSKs and is very interesting combination that I think can be very pretty. Perfect for country Lolita!

Dreamy Pony JSK and Skirt sets:
Dreamy Pony ribbon ribbon Set JSK
Sale Date June 22, shipment time: June 27
You get a JSK either black or pink, a matching head bow, a blouse or cutsew, a tote, and I believe two accessories.

*plus size friendly

Notes: All the Dreamy Pony sets are so sweet and cute! Perfect to start an OTT wardrobe too, because of all the colors of the print.

Dreamy Pony Sweet Skirt Set
Skirt in Pink or Black includes blouse, heart bag, and hair bow.

I love the two tier style of the skirt with waist ties - which are removable !

Dreamy Pony Honey babydoll Set (OP/JSK)
Includes Pink or Black JSK, blouse, bloomers, two accessories.

 *plus size friendly

Note: I like the skirt construction of this JSK over the first set but that's all I can say about it because I'm not overly fond of this set.

Alice and the Pirates
Witch jumper skirt and head bow set

Notes: One can never go wrong with a basic black dress, especially a set with hairbow. Great piece to add to a starting wardrobe or one that needs a Lolita LBD ;) !

Vampire embroidered jumper skirt and head bow set

Estimate based on previous/similar AatP Jsks:


Summer Lucky Pack  JSK
Shipment date: June 26 at the earliest
- dress or pinafore dress,
- blouse or T-shirt,
- a few items from such as accessory, socks, undergarment, and so on

I am almost positive this comes in 3 color options, black with white dots, navy with pink dots, and white with black dots. Fabric is a chiffon like and polka dotted. Perfect for summer and can be warmed up for fall and winter !

Two types of JSKs, one is fully shirred all the way around and the other is lace up and back which I think has a good amount of shirring. 

 *Note: In my opinion, this set has the best value to it, the BTSSB come into close second with this one.

Summer Lucky Pack Skirt Set
Shipment date: June 26 at the earliest
- full shirred waist skirt,
- blouse or T-shirt,
- a few items from such as accessory, socks, undergarment, and so on

Skirts are fully shirred and are very comfortable to wear, especially in the summer. The blouses usually have large back shirring but I don't know their exact measurements.

Innocent World:

Shipment date - July 2011

Info from Innocent World:
Here's our Lucky Pack with Innocent World's total coordination set!!
Make sure to get it quick!!

Note for Lucky Packs

◆Please be aware that you cannot cancel your order after reserving the set.

◆We're afraid that we cannot take your wishes for sizes, colors and items inside. Each pack may contain goods in various sizes (from S to L or Mini to Long).
◆Your orders for Lucky Pack cannot be combined to orders for other items. We apologize in advance to charge the shipping fee for each purchase.


The Meta sets are perfect for starting Lolitas who are on a budget but want Brand OR already have an extensive wardrobe but need some filler items. Following that, the BTSSB sets can market the same value as the Meta but for a more specific group that is if you want to try Sweet or OTT Sweet, those sets are perfect for you because you have a complete outfit or the foundation for one.  The Innocent World sets will always be beautiful but the size range is limited and there is a high chance of getting a JSK that is not shirred or a blouse that is a size M. 

I suggest using XE.com to convert and please check shipping rates too and add them on so you can get a true value of your total sale.

If you are hesitant on purchasing these because of sizing or fear of getting something you don't want. Please don't worry, lucky packs always end up on egl-comm-sales in some form so you may be able to get the whole lucky pack or the one item that you want at a fantastic price! Plus you can probably get a better measurement estimation for sizing by asking the seller :)!

-Which lucky pack or set is your favorite?
-Do you plan on purchasing any of these?
-What would you like to see in a lucky pack or special set?

Also note:
Angelic Pretty Summer Sale is June 23 - 24. I have not found any further information if this sale will be at either of the English & US online shops. I think BTSSB may be having one or it just may be the special sets are the only items for sale.

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