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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every little thing she does is classical!

I haven't updated in almost a month because of having additional hours at work as well as being thoroughly distracted by The Avengers fandom.  A little note about me, I'm a huge Marvel fan, have been since I was very little so I've been on Tumblr, looking at fan art, following the movie updates, etc like a hawk! Now it's back to writing and there are a few topics that I want to talk about.  This post will be one of many that will document my change of style from sweet to classic.

Since my last blog post, I sold many of my sweet pieces, including the Bodyline order (except the blouse).  I tried it all on, took a picture in it and I felt fantastic because I love lolita and the silhouette but I didn't feel comfortable.  Sweet is just not a style for me, though I do love it on other Lolitas!  I think my love for the color pink drove me to Sweet initially but now that I purchased my dream "pink" dress (BTSSB Princess Drop Ribbon jsk). I have my one and only sweet piece and want to build my Classic wardrobe.

My discovery with Classic came when I first learned about Lolita six years ago. One image I've had saved after all this time is a fashion photo for Victorian Maiden. This entire look from hair, accessories, to the shoes and tights is perfection.  When I saw this, I felt excitement because this is what I want to achieve - striving for that elegance. I just love it!

In going with what I enjoy in Lolita fashion and history, classic Lolita suits me best.  In my pursuit to planning my wardrobe, I took a stroll down daily_lolita, Avantgauche, and other online resources.  The heart of Lolita fashion for me lies in the older styles from 2004-2007, so sticking with that esthetic that was simple is where I will get my foundation for classic style.  I do love prints and complex coordinates, even OTT classic so I know I can take from there to build a great wardrobe that I will love wearing.

Bonnets and elaborate headdresses can give a simple Classic look some more elegance and whimsical. Personally, I love the flower head accessories, especially if it is made with real flowers or even imitation ones. A handmade headdress is very special and an art!

Now one great thing about Classic and even Gothic Lolita is that you can find so many items locally. Cardigans, blouses, even socks can be found at department stores as well as local Goodwill/consignment shops. I am having a blast finding pieces all the time for a great cost - of course I am sure you can find accessories for any Lolita style not just Classic. Plus I like to think with all that money saved, I could get a lovely Brand JSK off egl-comm-sales :) !

This coordinate by Zerudaa on Flickr is mostly off brand - look how beautiful it is and she!

I love the elegance of Classic, the femininity and maturity of it. In fact, I think that Classic has a mysterious feel to it because it is the most nostalgic of Lolita styles. It makes you wonder and it takes you back in time.  Classic can be very work friendly or for daily wear for those Lolita's who wish you dress for work, there is much of it that is appropriate for the office.

Here are my favorite coordinate looks from Innocent World (favorite Brand too) from their current collection:

The main brands for Classic are:
Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene and Juliette et Justine.
However, BTSSB, AaTP, and Metamorphose have many pieces that work too.
Even offbrand dresses or commissions ones are a great source too.
I think the fabric selection is extremely varied and offers something for everyone.
*Many of these Brands, especially Innocent World offer dresses in longer lengths to achieve a more Classic look ! ^^

Do you wear Classic?
What do you like about Classic Lolita?
Favorite Brand and/or dresses?

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