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Friday, May 4, 2012

First Bodyline Order - Review

My first lolita purchase arrived yesterday! It was a small but nevertheless grand order from Bodyline. I picked up my package from the post office because I missed the postman yesterday when he delivered it.

Here is the review - it is in depth and I took many photos with my point and shoot camera. The pictures came out fine, but for future reviews, I will be using my DSLR. The review will break down the whole experience from ordering to the "opening" of the items.

Order Notes:
  • I chose EMS over Airmail because I needed these items by a specific date.
  • I ordered 3 items.
  • Purchased through Bodyline's website.
  • I'm 5'4, bust 36/38C and 32inch waist, my skin complexion is tan.
Purchase date: April 27 

JSK - L329 in Pink - Size 2L - Link
Blouse - L075 in WH (white) - Size 2L - Link
Shoes - Shoes259 in epik (patten pleather pink) - Size 25.5 - Link

Order and Shipping:
Once I completed the shopping cart process and paid for the order (Paypal), I received an confirmation email with my order and the EMS tracking number. The number did not "work" until 2 business days which was exactly as stated by Bodyline in the confirmation email.  The items arrived 4 business days after the order was placed. As I've experienced with many EMS packages, the shipment was fast and tracking was reliable.

Packaging and Handling:
I have seen many Bodyline packages shipped in the solid grey plastic bag - regardless if the shipping was Airmail or EMS.  However, the bag was a standard shipping bag that was secure and strong.  

The blouse and JSK were shipped inside their brand new Bodyline bags. They were both folded very nicely inside the bag.  There was no sent or odor, loose threads, or anything "extra" that came with them.

The shoes were not in a box nor in their own plastic bag. They did have the tissue paper and shoe "sticks" to keep their shape, plus they were wrapped in tissue paper. They arrived in fantastic condition and I am grateful despite them not being in their own bag or box.

Product quality:
JSK - L329 in Pink - Size 2L - Link - The color and style is true to the shop image. The construction of the dress is very good, no loose threads, and the buttons and bows were sewn on securely (they were not floppy).  The details in this dress are very sweet but surprising, I didn't expect such cute lace and fabric - obviously it can't be seen too well at the online shop. 

The back of the dress has the same detail on the skirt as the front.  As for the shirring, the elastic is soft and it gives rather then HARD shirring which can be pretty tough to stretch.  The ribbon is simple and small, I may replace this with a wider ribbon.  The lace that the ribbon ties are laced through is constructed very well into the back and could handle everyday lacing up. There is a side zipper that glided and worked well - did not get stuck. It is not a hidden zipper but the fabric is sewn at such a way that it hides it. There are no adjustable straps.

The waist bow - came unattached with it's own tag - is a bit distracting on the JSK. It sits flat but I am going to use it for a head accessory. I think the JSK looks fine with out it!

Notes: True to size listed on the measurements. I am 5'4 and this falls just above my knee.
My bust is 36/38 C and it's sort of an under bust fit, unlike the sales photo where the waist doesn't look that high.  
Fabric: Since the dress isn't lined, you can see through it, so I recommend this with a white slip, a petticoat or bloomers/tights!
Petticoat: I can fit a Malco Modes petticoat underneath and it takes a nice shape more A-line. I haven't modified my petticoat to make it "cupcake/bell" shape so I can't test that out with this.

Blouse - L075 in WH (white) - Size 2LLink - I ordered the white version.  The shirring stretches very well to accommodate the sizes listed however I would not recommend anything over 38C bust (that's what I have) because the 3-4th buttons gape open. You can't see when you're standing dead on but if you were standing next to me, you could peek into my boobs.  This can be fixed by maybe pinning it. There is shirring on the front and back of this blouse.

This blouse is perfect underneath OPs and JSKs. It felt weirdly short on me in that the bottom part doesn't sit flat, it flares out. If I wore this with a skirt, I am tucking this in. 

The detachable sleeves are held by two buttons. They were sewn securely but I would take some care, don't bust your arm into this blouse! All the buttons on the blouse are sewn very securely and the button hole stitching was well done. As for the arm holes, I have 11 inch arms and they were fine with extra room for larger arms.

Fabric: Not that see through, I was testing it with a white and beige bra, but a black one would show through. 

Shoes - Shoes259 in epik (patent pleather pink) - Size 25.5 - Link - The color and style of the shoe is true to the sale image.  They are made very well, structurally and the fake leather is decent quality.  I ordered a size 25.5 because I have a 8.5 wide foot. I tested these with Brand OTK socks and found I had quite a bit of room. The back of the shoe goes high up my heel almost past my calf and that is where I found the most room came from. The straps snap in (this is very convenient!) and the buckles are adjustable.  The bows are not removable.

I did not notice any extra glue anywhere and the scallops are fine. There were no loose threads or scuffs on the shoes.

Notes: I may get a 25 in a different color and try it out, because these were roomy but not to at the extent where I can't wear or walk in them.

Bodyline does have great items for any lolita, whether she is on a budget or not. I have seen the "misses" from the company but I believe it is all about personal preference and research. These three items were great and above my expectations based on my own judgement of the company, it's reputation, and so on.  The price of these items if fair and appropriate for their quality and cost. It's a great deal!  The experience was good all the way around and I will order from them again.

I hope you find this review helpful :) !

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I can provide more detailed measurements and photos !


  1. thanks for your review, it was very helpful! :) cute stuff!

  2. My foot is 225. I wanted to order those shoes,but I dont know if i should go for 225 or 230 (with otks)? :)