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Harriet Tubman

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lolita on a Budget - Quick Haul Post

I've been scratching my brain lately to find ways on saving money for Lolita in any way I can. The money I save from these purchases helps my personal finances (student loans, bills, etc) and puts more money in my special savings for larger Lolita purchases like Brand clothing.

Going with my color palette of my style, I choose simple accessories with great versatility. There are items that I just can't resist and the two bows on the right are an example of that. They were so light and delicate that I had to get them in pink and cream. The flower clip is so light and soft - just darling!

On the left, we have 3 items from Claire's: 2 pairs of wrist cuffs and 1 pair of long fingerless lace gloves. Their total was $3 ! - Not bad for the clearance section! I would love to own a pair of Angelic Pretty wristcuffs but since no one is looking at your wrist with a microscope, I think I can get away with these offbrand numbers. The lace isn't bad at all, it's soft, and they fit nicely on my wrists.

The whole lot cost me $44. The wrist cuffs and fingerless lace gloves were $1 each at Claire’s (clearance) and the bows and flower barrettes were from Temptation.

Whether it's with hair accessories, clothing, or shoes, offbrand is a great, inexpensive way to full your wardrobe.

Always remember, no matter if your outfit is full Brand, offbrand, or a mixture of both, you are still a beautiful Lolita. Don't let anyone else tell you differently!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Major Brand Summer Lucky Pack / Special Sets Round Up

The first day of summer was yesterday and judging by the last few days, I think it will be a hot season for sure. Here in NY the temperatures have been in the low 90s and when I went on vacation to Pittsburgh it was just as hot.  So what does summer mean for us, Lolitas? There are meetups to plan,  conventions to attend, and lucky packs to purchase!

There lucky pack events all through the year, usually during major seasons like Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring and Japanese holidays. This post will focus on the recent lucky pack releases for Summer.
Here is a round up post with the lucky packs that I could find, if there are more released I'll do an update post. All prices are in Yen and not listed in this post, you can see the prices and get shipping estimates at the Brands' websites. Some of these are Lucky Packs and others are special sets where you know what item you're receiving.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every little thing she does is classical!

I haven't updated in almost a month because of having additional hours at work as well as being thoroughly distracted by The Avengers fandom.  A little note about me, I'm a huge Marvel fan, have been since I was very little so I've been on Tumblr, looking at fan art, following the movie updates, etc like a hawk! Now it's back to writing and there are a few topics that I want to talk about.  This post will be one of many that will document my change of style from sweet to classic.